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Howdy Friends,

Welcome to gohindistatus.com blog your destination to Learn & motivated. Blog About Shayari, love, Inspirational quotes, Funny status, quotes images.
We try to cover most of Funny and lovely shayari and status.
My name is Aashu, I am a student,who is eager to learn & grow in his life i don’t want to work, i want to enjoy my work.
On 01st sep 2018 i started my website Gohindistatus which is in Hindi and English language both i want to share my knowledge with entire world so i found blogging is the best to share knowledge and earn living.

About blog:

If i talk about this blog i post shyari and status here on gohindistatus and want to help you as per my capabilities.
It’s our mission to assist you in realizing your full potential by providing unique, quality, proven and highly-effective advice.
i want people to believe in themselves & execute their own ideas to get succeed in their life.We strive to help individuals realize success in all aspects of life.
It’s the vision of a better future that makes us get up with excitement each morning.

This site is our contribution to make this world a better place.

The other thing which inspired me to start a blog is MONEY as you all know everyone on this earth needs money to get motivated & live their life smoothly, so i found blogging is the best way to generate money though its not easy but i believe in myself.

Who’s behind this website?

About Aashu jd: Hi I’m Aashu, blogger, student. Born in Delhi at heart of India. Completed my studies there, after completing I joined arena animations.

It has become a great passion of mine to write and publish articles here on this blog, as it helps me to deeply reflect on my life and everything I experience.

But even more important: this blog makes it possible for me to empower people all around the world, from all different kinds of backgrounds, which is a true honor to me.

This website allows me to accompany individuals on their journey of self-growth and to help them make the fullest out of their lives.

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